Steps For Properly Parking Forward With Automatic Transmission

Most people who’ve just gotten their licenses probably aren’t the best driver out there, so they may experience a little difficulty in parking. If you’ve got an automatic transmission vehicle, you should take a look at these steps that can help you to successfully forward park your vehicle.

  • First, you need to slowly steer your car into the direction of the spot. Try not to drive faster than 5 miles per hour.
  • Forward parking is easy to do if you’re directly in front of the space, but if you are trying to move into a space with two cars which are vertical to you, it will be more of a challenge. The challenge is to create an arc wide enough for you to turn into the space.
  • What you’ve got to do is to keep your foot slightly pressed on the brake so that you can stay in control of the car while it’s moving in.
  • Also, quickly start turning the wheel in the wheel’s direction. That way, you’ll be able to comfortably slide into the spot.
  • Finally, you can shift your gear into Park and set your parking brake.

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