Student Complaints About Parking On The School Campus

There are so many things students complain about when it comes to school, but it seems to us that there are some particularly strenuous issues that relate to student parking on the various campuses. Can you imagine the number of students who flood the student carparks at 8:15 and want to just grab a spot to park in so that they can run off to their 8 o’clock class? That’s right – the answer is a lot! No wonder there are so many students with so many complaints about the school parking systems. We’ll just show you some of them below…


  • Theresa Pitts, an Animal Science/Pre Vet Senior, complains that he only lives 15 minutes away from her school and she tries to get to school super early so that she can find a spot. The problem is, she can’t find a spot unless she drives around the parking lot for at least half an hour.


  • Janna Miller, an Animal Science Senior, complains that there are like 100 times more students than there are parking spots. She even said that she had to spin around the parking lot for an hour before she got a spot and she’s commonly late or misses class because of no free spots.


  • Erica Camacho, a Biochemistry Senior, states that she can’t catch a break with the parking problems. She’s always late because of it and she even recalls a time when she had to circle the parking lot for about 40 minutes before she got a spot to park in.


  • Conner Graham, a Mass Communications major, had a complaint that each day, he has the same problem of finding a parking spot and there are often days when he is counted as absent and not late, because it took him so long to get to class.



These are legitimate problems that students and even faculty have to endure as it relates to parking on campus. That’s why we recommend monthly parking passes to counteract this. It can save you the headache and the lateness every single day.


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