Summer Tips For Keeping Your Parked Car Cool


It’s probably super-cold right now, but when summer comes around, it’s going to be super-hot. You’ll be dodging those sunbeams like they’re bullets. Unfortunately, your parked car can’t zip across into the shade as soon as the sun hits it, like you do. It’s got to stay there and absorb all those lovely scorching rays, until you come back to the sauna, that was once your car.


That heat can be unbearable, so we’re going to show you how you can keep your parked car cooler. Check them out.


  • Put up a window visor or sunshade when you have parked your car and you know that it’s going to be there for more than just a few minutes.


  • Get a dash cover or a fabric for your dash’s sensitive vinyl surface. It will keep your dashboard relatively cool to the touch and it will stop the dash from fading or cracking.


  • Use a hand towel to cover your steering wheel so that you won’t have to come back and struggle to grab onto a just-fried steering wheel.


  • Try to find a shady parking spot, especially if you know you’re going to be parked there for quite a while.


  • Make use of parking garages, like outs. You won’t have to worry about leaving your car in direct sunlight, especially if you’re going to have it there all day.


  • Crack your windows open a tad bit. When we say a tad bit, we mean a tad bit. Try to leave it open wide enough to let enough air in, but narrow enough so that car thieves can’t get a way to open it up.


  • Get a solar-powered fan, so that you can create constant circulation within the car. You also should keep your window open a crack. This will help to lower your car’s overall temperature.


  • Cover your seats with blankets, especially if you have vinyl or leather seats. They can get very hot and they can crack and fade as well.


  • When you’ve returned to your car, leave it open for a while before you get into it, so that the cool air can get in and the hot air can get out.



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