Car parking is perceived as such a major challenge. Almost everyone’s daily journey involves a parking event. We all find ourselves going to many places; our jobs in the city, schools and banks among other places. There are a lot of cars to go around, and ownership grows with every passing day. As a result, the pressure on the curb is becoming greater. With the expected growth of any city, it will become more challenging to park your car anywhere in town, or even outside of town.

The industry has seen notable change, especially in technology. We can now pay for parking with our smart phones. Though we still use our number plates to be recognised and pay for your parking as well, through to parking enforcement. The most significant changes have been through the development of technology and its use and adoption in the industry.

Since the 1940s and 1950s parking meters have been used, but in places like the UK, with an advanced parking market place, had an early adoption of pay-by-phone parking. So, the UK is taking full advantage of the developing technology that can be used in the parking industry.

Places like New Zealand, which is a very small country, adopted the advanced technology just as quickly.

This provides a very big market opportunity for technology companies and can bring about the much-needed change and development that we need in the parking industry. We’re yet to see the biggest development, and we’re likely to see and experience the most exciting innovations in the years to come.

Cars and cities are becoming more connected than ever before. and you may have heard of the ‘Internet of things’. Technology sits at the front and centre of the parking market place, and with real time information, companies can provide the best service and facilities that customers need right now. There is going to a day when a car can clearly park itself using real time information provided by big technological companies. The companies can direct cars on their own to free car parking spaces.

 That’s positively an exciting thing to look forward to.

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