The Best Parking Tips For Avoiding Car Theft

You may think that it will never happen to you, but you’re probably mistaken. Car theft can happen to you and you can become one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of car theft. There are quite a lot of simple things that you can do to help you avoid having your car or items in your car stolen by a bandit. We’ll show you.


  • Make sure that when you’re parked, you don’t have your valuable exposed. Conceal them within the car so that thieves don’t see the items and feel tempted to steal them.


  • Try to park your car in the light, because it leaves less hiding spots for thieves to do their dirty work.


  • Always attempt to park where people are present. A good place to park is in an attended lor or in an area with many people walking around. That seems to ward off thieves.


  • Ensure that your windows are rolled up completely. You don’t want to leave it a crack open, letting thieves insert objects into your car that can open the door. It’s always better to have a hot car than to have your car stolen.


  • Carry your registration with you when you leave home, so that car thieves will have a problem transferring your car to a new owner when selling it.


  • Make sure that you park rear-wheel-drive vehicles by backing them into the parking spot and ensure that the transmission is in park. This way, thieves can’t use a tow truck to reach the drive wheels, making it harder to tow.


  • Always set your parking brake, so that you can protect you care from getting towed, despite the fact that they may have even be lifted from the ground by the tow truck.


  • Make sure you never hide away your spare keys in your vehicle, because car thieves may very likely know about the usual hiding spots.


  • Don’t forget to lock the doors. Even though this should be pretty obvious, you need to ensure that you keep them locked and keep your vehicle secured.



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