The Different Types Of Parking Facilities

When you think about parking, you’d probably think of a lot more than just your driveway at home. That’s because there are several different types of parking facilities related to parking.  We’re going to focus on them in this article.


  • Parking Lots: These are areas that are designated for parking. The parking spaces are usually marked out on the ground with thick yellow or white lines. You can usually find parking lots near business places, supermarkets, restaurants and more. They are usually opened most of the time. On the other hand, other improvised lots are assigned for specific events and are only opened for that purpose.


  • Parking Garages: These parking facilities are often referred to as “car park[s], parking structure[s], parking building[s], parking ramp[s], parkade[s] or parking deck[s].” There are several types of parking garages, which include…


  • Single level parking garages
  • Multilevel or multi-storey parking garages
  • Underground parking garages
  • Automated parking garages


  • Carports: These are private covered places next to a driveway at your home where several cars can be parked. When we say covered, we don’t mean that they have four walls – they usually have two (with one wall usually being part of the house’s wall). The car port is aimed at protecting the vehicle from bad weather conditions.


  • Parking spaces on the side of the street: There are spaces on the side of the road designated for parking. These spaces are usually metered and you can tell where they are easily identified by looking for the outlined squares (yellow or white paint spaces).


  • APS (Automated Parking Systems): These are systems that mechanically move cars from the entry area, to a free parking space inside the area. They don’t need any workers to help with the process. They are sometimes referred to as a mechanical/robotic/rotary parking systems, automatic/stacker parking or underground parking garages, among other things.


  • Semi-Automated Parking Systems: These systems use mechanical systems to move cars to move cars to their parking spaces, except that they need to be attended to by a driver or an employee.



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