The Disadvantages of On-street Parking  

In so many places, you see lots and lots of different vehicles, belonging to different people of different classes parked on the streets. It’s nothing new for people to choose to park on the side of the road, be it in front of a store or outside of a friend’s house. Sometimes, it can actually be quite convenient.


Like other things, it can also have several disadvantages too. Here are some things you may experience when you park on the street.


  • Unfortunately, street parking is often times metered. It will cost you some money and you have to work with a time limit. That can be really inconvenient and frustrating when you have somewhere to be and you have to go feed the meter.


  • You may need to do some parallel parking. Remember, you’re not the only one who has to find a park on the street – other people are going to park and put you in the position of having to do a little maneuvering into a spot. Sigh…be careful not to bump into a fender or a trunk while you’re at it.


  • Be careful not to get bumped into. Being parked on the street heightens the risk of your vehicle getting knocked up by a vehicle that’s trying to pull in at the front or at the rear of you. You never know when a vehicle may collide with the side of your car either.


  • High curbs, poles or fire hydrants may leave ugly scrapes on your passenger door if your passenger isn’t careful when opening. You should probably give them a little heads up.


  • Parking on the curb probably means that you’re not directly in front of your destination. This can be inconvenient for those who are carrying load or who are late for a specific event.



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