The Law For Handicapped Parking

The reserved parking that you see in supermarket parking lots, on street parking and in other areas, serve an important purpose. It serves to help the people with disabilities to not have to struggle anymore in their daily lives, with something as necessary as parking.


Handicapped parking caters to people who have more trouble getting from their cars to the door, vice versa. However, there are criteria that need to be met in order to for you to qualify for a handicap plate or parking permit. If you don’t fit these criteria and you park in a handicap spot, you will be prosecuted by law. You need to have one or more of the following permanent and mobility-impairing disabilities in order to qualify:


  • You require the use of portable oxygen.


  • You are legally blind.


  • No use or limited use of one or of both your legs.


  • You cannot walk 200 ft. stopping.


  • You have a neuro-muscular dysfunction that limits your ability to move severely.


  • You have a Class III or IV heart condition.


  • You have an arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition which severely limits your ability to walk.


  • You have a lung disease which restricts you to the extent that “the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty mm/hg of room air at rest”.


  • You have another physical or mental condition that impairs you and has not been stated in this it. It has to be one which makes it especially difficult to move around or use public transportation.



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