The Proper Way To Handle Bad Ottawa Parking

If you’re a driver in Ottawa, at one point or another you would meet someone who sucks at parking. As a matter of fact, no matter where in the world you go, you would meet up with a really bad parker, who’s probably going to piss you off at the most inconvenient time ever.


First off, you’ll need to cool down. Try not to let your anger or annoyance cause you to take very rash actions that can cause you to get yourself in trouble with the law or with the person who parked terribly. Instead, stop and carefully consider the various options available for you to deal with the situation and don’t act irrationally.


If you see there really aren’t many options available, you can consider informing the parker of their parking incompetence. Send them a nice message, gently informing them of their incompetence – write a note to them, carefully stink it under their wiper, then drive away. Or maybe, if you’re not in a rush you can wait around for the driver to come back to their vehicle and you can (respectfully) have a word with them about their parking.


You can also contact the authorities in a situation where the bad parking is a really outrageous, to get a safe, orderly resolution to the problem. For instance, if someone is parked in a handicap spot and they clearly don’t have a disability, you are obligated to report this incident to the appropriate authorities.


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