The Worst People You Can Find In A Parking Lot

Your parking experience may not always be very pleasant. If you’re a responsible and considerate driver, you probably aren’t causing the problems, but you may unfortunately be experiencing it. When you’re parking in a parking lot or a garage, you might find some of these folks in there, making your parking experience a nightmare. Check them out and see if you can pinpoint those people who you’ve met at one point or another.


  • The Radical Parker: This person cares not about anything besides getting their car parked (no matter how badly they do it) and getting on out and about their business. They don’t care about the signs or signals – they just break the rules.


  • The Slanting Walker: This person doesn’t really know how to walk and not get hit by a car, because they’re simply crossing carelessly in front of your vehicle and causing you to have to hit the brake.


  • Perfectionist Parker: Now this parker is petrified of the thought of someone else’s unsanitary mockery of a vehicle parking next to and dirtying or damaging their unblemished, beautiful machine that they received as a gift from the gods. That’s why they park it in a manner that blocks other cars from possibly getting near to theirs.


  • The Annoyingly Happy Family: These happy campers know how to make drivers unhappy by walking in the most obstructing manner possible, stopping you from getting an actual park.


  • Mc-CART-er: This person just loves to leave their shopping carts in the most inconvenient places possible – the parking spot. Lovely.


  • The “I’m gonna take your spot” Folks: Basically, these people follow you around in their cars, while you walk to your spot so that they can zoom into it as soon as you get out.


  • The “I’m gonna rush into your spot” Folks: These folks simply lurk around looking for folks who have just gotten into their car and are just about ready to leave their parking spot, so they can rush into it ASAP. This is kind of similar to the previous one – the “I’m gonna take your spot” folks.



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