Things You Should Know About Street Parking

Street parking offers you a sense of security and shade and thus, it may be a convenient option, but it also entails quite a few negative consequences as well. You may find space to park right by driveways – in that case, no one will block you in while your vehicle is parked there. These are some of the good things about street parking, but we’re going to show you some of the negative effects.


  • You most likely will have to endure street parking. This puts you under a time limit and there is a cost attached to it as well.


  • You may need to do parallel parking and this is quite a difficult skill. If you aren’t very skilled at that, then you might just end up damaging your vehicle or another vehicle. You don’t want to do that.


  • You risk the chance of having your bumper damaged as well, especially as it depends on the location. Other drivers can unfortunately run into the front of your vehicle, bump you from behind and cause considerable amounts of damage to your vehicle.


  • The curb may be a bit of a danger to the lower part of your car when you’re trying to park.


  • Objects by the side of the road may also be a hazard to your vehicle as well. Poles or fire hydrants or even high curbs can cause your vehicle doors to get scrapes and scratches.


  • When you park on the street, you may actually be forced to park further from your destination – that’s especially unfortunate if you have to carry items to and from your destination.

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