Tips For Parallel Parking Correctly

It isn’t the easiest type of parking, but it can be done almost perfectly and flawlessly once you’ve gotten the hang of it. What exactly do you have to do to parallel park correctly? We’re going to show you in these shirt, simple steps. Just pay attention.


  • Ensure that you’ve got a spot that’s big enough to do your parking.


  • Drive up to the front of the car and line them up nose to nose, then stop. Make sure that the both vehicles are lined up as best you can – there’s no need to be perfect about it if your car and the parked car are different lengths.


  • Stop and turn your steering all the way to the right, while staying stationary.


  • Take a look at your car’s rear and then slowly start backing up, while keeping your steering wheel all the way to the right. Don’t turn it.


  • Pay attention to when the car’s right-front cornier of the rear car lines up to the middle of your rear windshield and then stop when it does.


  • Turn your wheel back to the middle position, while you’re stationary and then slowly back up so that your car barely clears the front car. Stop once more.


  • After that, (while you remain stationary) turn your steering wheel all the way to the left and then continue backing in while your wheel stays left.


  • Stop, when you see that your car is parallel and turn your wheel to face forward again and then go ahead and park.




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