Tips For Parking Forward In A Manual Transmission Vehicle

If you need a little help with properly parking your manual transmission vehicle, you can read this article. It will show you a number of steps you can use to forward park your manual vehicle. Check them out.

  • First, you need to move the wheel left or right to direct your car towards to spot. Do it very slowly.
  • Keep your foot pressed lightly on the brakes, to help you maintain control over your vehicle and pull safely into your target area.
  • You can carefully pull into the parking space. Be sure that you average well, so that you can avoid hitting the curb or other by-standing vehicles.
  • Make sure that you firmly press down on the car brakes so that your car finally comes to a complete halt when you’ve got into the spot.
  • Now, you can turn your wheels into the right direction, while keeping your foot on the brakes. If you’re parked in a flat spot, turn your wheel straight forward; if you’re parked downhill, you can turn your wheel toward the curb, so that your car won’t roll away if your brakes cut.
  • What you’ve got to do next is shift into first gear or reverse and set the parking brake. Now your transmission and your parking brake are engaged, which mean extra protection to keep your car from rolling, in case one of the two systems fails.

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