Tips For Preventative Safety Action When Parking Your Car

Although you may not really think about it, there are a number of things that can happen to you while parking your vehicle. You have to keep your eyes open for a number of things in the parking lot, such as poorly marked spots, poor lighting, bad lot condition and more, which may cause damage to you or your vehicle. Ensure that you are very careful when you choose your parking spot.

  • You need to drive defensively when you’re looking to find a parking spot. Keep your eyes out for pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Try not to get angry over a parking spot. You can potentially save yourself a lot of trouble when you just forget about the other driver.
  • Make sure that you fit into the parking spot you choose. Your vehicle should be parked in a space that’s an appropriate size for it.
  • Lock your vehicle up and secure your belongings, no matter how long (or short) you plan to park there for. You don’t want to attract thieves.
  • Ensure that you only pack purchased items into your vehicle when you are ready to go. Don’t take the chance of making several trips to pack stuff into your vehicle – that opens you up to possibly attracting lurking criminals toward you.
  • Use different means to try to remember your parking spot so that you won’t have trouble finding it when you get back to the lot.
  • Be very careful when talking to strangers. If you feel you are in danger, run for safety, scream for help, contact the police or do whatever you need to do to stay safe. Not every smiling stranger in a parking lot has genuine intentions.
  • Be cautious when walking through parking lots, there may be a number of things that can cause serious bodily harm, things like concrete bumpers, wheel stops and more.

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