Tips To Help You With Parking In Your Driver’s Test

Driver’s tests aren’t exactly the most comfortable situation for young drivers. Most drivers, especially those who are going to undertake the exam for the first time, are probably going to be really nervous about it. That’s pretty normal.


We want you to be able to pass the parking section of your test and you can only do this by practice, practice, practice and with these tips! Check them out:


  • Make sure you are comfortable behind the wheel. This is one of the keys to a good driving exam. There is no way that you can drive well if you are a complete nervous wreck. You should also try to get completely comfortable with the vehicle that you’re using as well.


  • Try parking in empty parking lots to get more experience. Using office parking lots on the weekend is a great way to do some parking practice, because they are usually empty on those days. You can even see if you get a few orange cones to simulate a parallel parking experience.


  • Get all the practice you can. Get comfortable with the different types of parking, including parking uphill, downhill, parallel, regularly or in reverse into a stall.


  • Get comfortable with 2 and 3 point turns. Take your time on this one and practice a whole lot too, because they can be pretty tough in the exam itself.


  • Get used to the testing area. That’ll help a lot – drive around the area and make sure that you pay attention to the road signs, speed limits, hazards and more. That will ensure that you’re a little more prepared for your exam.



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