Tips To Keep Your Car Cool While Parked


We think that we speak on behalf of all vehicle-owners when we say no one likes to get into their vehicle that has been parked and is smoking hot! You can barely breathe when you get in – as a matter of fact, you can barely get in, because the seats are scorching. This is practically a nightmare. That’s why we would like to give you some tips that can help you to keep your vehicle cool while it’s parked and you’re out and about doing your business.


  • Get a sunshade or a window visor and use it, because it helps to counteract hot interior temperatures of the summer. You should put it up anytime you park your car and intend to leave it there for a while. It really does work. You can even pit one on your rear window too.


  • Try using a dash cover. These upholstered or fabric dash covers help to keep your vinyl surfaces cooler – it can also help keep your vinyl surface from sun damage which causes fading or cracking. You haven’t felt pain until you’ve unwittingly come into physical contact with a sun burnt vinyl surface.


  • Use a hand towel to cover your steering wheel, so that the contact temperature of your steering wheel stays down.


  • Try to park in the shade, especially if you’re planning to park there for a long time. Keeping your car out of the direct sunlight will make a huge difference in the temperature inside your car.


  • Try to park in a garage if you can. Your car will of course be out of the direct sunlight and it will almost be in 100% shade, all the time.


  • Open your windows just a crack and you will help to keep inside your car ventilated and cool. Don’t open it too wide though – make sure your arm can’t fit through the crack.


  • Invest in a solar-powered fan. They help to push out the hot air from your vehicle and they are constantly circulating cooler air inside the vehicle.


  • Place blankets over your seats. Vinyl or leather seats can get very hot when exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, so throwing a blanket over them can keep them cooler. Throwing a blanket over them to keep them cool sure beats unexpectedly throwing your bum on them while they’re hot.



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