Uber boss says flying cars will be available in 10 years

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, stated that flying cars will be available within a decade for commercial sale. The innovative ride sharing application that has redefined short-term travel has been actively working on a project called Uber Air (used to be Uber Elevate) where customers will be able to order a ride in an electric flying car the same way they order a ride on the Uber app.

While speaking at a conference in Munich recently, Khosrowshahi made the intriguing statement “There will be people flying around Dallas, Texas. I think it’s going to happen within the next ten years.”. The flying vehicles should not be confused with helicopters or planes and would be more similar to the drones that have grown in popularity in recent years.

According to Uber’s CEO, the goal would be to one day achieve a fully autonomous flying taxi service although in the beginning the flying taxis will feature a capsule large enough for 2-3 passengers and a pilot. Similar to drones, the flying transportation vehicles would navigate through the air utilizing downward-facing propellers and would be primarily powered by electric motors with the possibility of a supplementary (although small) gas-powered backup engine.

Even though this pilot project is in the “theoretical” phase, Uber imagines a future for transportation where fleets of flying taxis are parked on rooftops waiting to be summoned by requesting passengers via a smartphone app, much like the current Uber experience.

We can all agree that flying taxis would make travel faster, easier and hopefully safer (avoiding weather conditions, human errors and traffic lights) plus it would be super cool to fly around from destination to destination while taking in the sights. For many this may become an economical and fast way to commute however our desire for the open road and feeling the way a car handles may not eliminate traditional cars from the road.

This new form of transport could open some new doors for parking opportunities if they become available for personal use as a daily commuter vehicle. Parking lots and parking spaces would have to be redesigned and rethought to make room for flying vehicles if they truly do become part of our lives in the next decade.

Finding a parking space in Ottawa may become even easier as you can hover above the roads in search of the perfect parking space.

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