Underground Automated Parking Garage

Downtown Brooklyn’s looking into a new endeavor in the automated parking world. They are now looking forward to building a public park, with a new state-of-the-art parking garage underneath it. It will be dubbed the Willoughby Square Park and it will be opened in 2016.


The park will take up a whole acre of space and will be filled with “mature trees, gardens, picnic areas, and water features for residents to enjoy.” Underneath that lovely park, will be a lovely parking garage. It will be the largest of its kind in North America.


The garage will accommodate up to 700 cars, keeping them concealed and keeping the amount of exhaust pollution on a down low. “Automotion Parking Systems won the contract to provide the automated parking at the new facility, which is expected to handle 250,000 cars per year.” Traditional parking garages can only fit one third of the number of cars in that same square footage!


Once you arrive at the ramp beneath the park, you simply drive into one of the 12 entry/exit rooms. A large flat screen TV would help drivers to park onto the pallet in the middle of the room. After they’ve parked their vehicles, they swipe their credit card into the Automation Kiosk, and the process begins. The vehicles are then automatically transported to the storage area. When the customer is ready to leave, they’ll just need to swipe the credit card again and the car will be returned to them in a matter of a couple minutes.


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