A downtown apartment suite building is the first in Canada to brag a robotic parking garage, which is similarly as cool as it sounds. At the point when drivers pull in, they leave their cars and swipe an access card. Vehicles are then naturally brought down and parked in a five-story garage underneath the building – with nobody in the driver’s seat.


The 240-space robotic parking garage at 838 West Hastings Street is the biggest of its kind in North America and the first in Canada, according to the Vancouver Sun. It sits underneath the new Jameson House assembling, a 38-story extravagance skyscraper finished in 2011. Since the building is so narrow, underground parking spot was seriously restricted. So the planners got innovative.


A customary garage would have required 12 levels. To spare drivers time, planners rather introduced a best in class, robotic parking system comprised of pneumatic lifts, electric motors and special sliding rails in the floor.


After you pull into the entrance bay, leave your auto and swipe a get to card, the vehicle is automatically weighed and measured. It’s then brought down through the floor and carried to the lower levels of the underground parking garage, which works as a sort of “supersized auto file organizer,” as per the Sun article.


When it’s a time to recover the vehicle, you swipe the get to card again and – about a minute or so – your vehicle surfaces, ready to go.


The drawbacks? All things considered, it clearly doesn’t always work. One occupant grumbles that the robotic parking system breaks down pretty consistently, leaving drivers stranded – for whatever length of time that 60 minutes – without their vehicles. Also, there’s clearly an additional cost included. Spaces in the spaces cost $56,000, which is roughly twice as much as the going rate for traditional spots in new downtown condominiums around Ottawa or general Monthly Parking spaces.


Would you pay additional for an automated parking space? Is the accommodation worth the cost? Will you continue using other parking lot in Ottawa? Tell us!


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