What About Parking In An Elevator?

Now this is some lovely, new technology to behold! It’s the Automated Mechanical Parking System – a system which has the capacity to hold from 12 to 70 cars or SUV parking spaces at a time, based on height. All it needs is “a small land foot print (7.5 x 6.9 Meters) to accommodate such a number of parking spaces.”


Sounds kinda’ cool. All the driver needs to do is park their vehicle in the parking bay in the entrance and when they’ve left the safety zone, then the system will start the parking procedure.


  • The system first turns the car around, so that it will face the exit direction. That way you can be ensured quick, safe retrieval of your vehicle from the system.


  • The system next elevates your vehicle into its designated parking area and is then moved either to the left or right into the appointed space.


  • When you’re ready to retrieve your vehicle, you simply present the PIN code or Parking ticket given at entry, so that your vehicle’s position is identified, so it can be quickly brought back to you.


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