What Makes a Good Parking Manager?

As with any business, every parking operation needs not just a good manager, but a strong leader. This is to ensure the goals are realised in the most efficient and cost-friendly manner.

But what makes a good parking manager? To answer this question, you must first consider the opportunities and expectations that come with this role.

Parking managers are usually obligated to fulfil an assortment of responsibilities to achieve many set goals. These may consist of: ensuring that all parking facilities are afforded the highest standard of service, receiving the most out of all civil enforcement officers and other staff members, maximising revenue and maintaining good rapport with crucial stakeholders.

A certain set of skills is needed to carry out these duties, but, the most important being that a parking manager should be an effective leader. It would be very difficult to fulfil any of the role’s other duties without this quality. Good managers take the time to listen to enforcement officers and understand their day to day challenges.

If an officer issues a certain number of tickets on a particular route at a particular time, it would be easy to assume that the following officer who works this area may not be doing their job correctly if they fail to issue a similar number of tickets. This is most times, not the case, as possibly there were fewer violations on that day.

The parking manager is responsible for ironing out such discrepancies this without blindly jumping to conclusions. The ability to listen plays a major role here, and the manager must be able to listen to the officer in question and use all of the information available to accurately assess their performance and reach a fair verdict.

Discipline is one of the key values required for this role. Great managers should be able to empower their staff to work to their fullest potential by using a combination of inspiration, training and evaluations that focus on uplifting staff rather than reproaching them.

Being an effective leader is not the only skill required for a parking manager success. This role involves a thorough understanding of the employers’ goals and how these relate to parking facilities. Parking managers should also be aware of their financial responsibilities and be able to be able to create budgets and deliver value for money.

Nevertheless, these skills will struggle to stand out without effective leadership, as this is simply one characteristic parking managers cannot do without.

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