What To Do If Your Car Gets Towed From A Metcalfe Realty Property

So you’re not actually from here and you parked outside a store to get a couple stuff. It took you a bit longer than you should to get that stuff, especially since the kids were behaving so well in there. You walk out of the store, one hand filled with groceries and the next hand hanging onto some squabbling kids, only to find…no car!


Just your luck – it was towed. You think to yourself “…but I didn’t see a tow sign!”Wait a minute – now is not the time to fall apart…or to sue the city. Here’s what you need to do.


  • You need to preserve the evidence. Look at where you were parked and look for signs that show that the area is restricted. Take pictures of it and pictures of where your car was parked. See if you can get any witnesses to give you their names and contact information and also, make sure you take a note of when you parked and when you came back.
  • You need to go get your car. If you see a sign, call the number on it. If there isn’t a sign, call the police department (not 911 by the way). Please be nice when you pick up your car – you’re already “in trouble” so don’t make the situation any more difficult than it already is. Make a note of the people you deal with there and remember to read what you sign very carefully. “They can’t hold your car hostage for anything more than the posted fee, so cross out anything in the papers that releases your rights to seek damages.”
  • You need to double-check the law. See if the tow was right or wrong. There should be a clearly visible sign that is weather resistant and it should state who can or cannot park in that location. It must also state “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed [or Booted] at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense.” It also has to state the hours and the days in which the restrictions are enforces and you should also see a number you can call at any time of the day or night to get your car.
  • You need to exercise your right to a “tow hearing” if you think you were wrongfully towed. The justice of the peace will hold your hearing and you will know which court to file in. Within the 14th day after you were towed, you then need to request the hearing and pay a fee of $20 to file it. You will be paid your costs and the cost of the tow and storage if you win your case. If you don’t win, you may have to pay the cost of the court hearing.


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