When Handing Your Car Over To A Parking Valet…

You see that shady-looking parking valet and you don’t want to judge, but you don’t really want to hand over your car keys anymore. You don’t know head nor tail about this person, but you’re about to give them one of your most prized possessions to attend to.


A number of things might run through your mind at that moment:

  • Who is he?
  • Can he actually drive…well?
  • What if he’s a car thief…or just a thief?
  • Is he going to go through my stuff?
  • I hope he doesn’t fart on my seat.
  • He looks like a “joyride” kind of guy.


Well, we guess they’re pretty reasonable questions, but there are some more, really important things that you should be thinking about when you’re about to give your car to a parking valet.


  • Think about the valets and what they may be going through all day. They may have to deal with hundreds of customers a day, so that’s why they happen to look a tad bit disheveled.
  • Don’t leave valuable or illegal stuff in your car, because yes, they may likely be taken (especially if they’re smaller items).
  • Your car’s interior and exterior: keep your car clean for Pete’s sake. It’ll help your valet to understand that they should value your car just as much as you do.
  • Know that you should speak to the valet manager if anything goes wrong with your car or goes missing.
  • Remember that if your valet parks on the street and parks illegally or forgets to feed the parking meter, then you can get a ticket, so have a nice chat with them about that.
  • Give a little tip, so that your valet will be more likely to treat your car better or be more attentive to it.
  • Hotel valets have a really hard time in the evening, because so many people tend to check in that time.
  • If your valet works hard or does a good job with your car, reward them for that: they’ll look out for your car even more the next time you want to park.
  • Treat your parking valet the way you want your car to be treated. Be nice and don’t judge them too much.


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