When Parking On The Street…

New driver? Different city or town? You may have a bit of trouble here and there when it comes to driving and parking issues. That’s why we’re here. We can offer you monthly parking spaces so you don’t have to worry about parking. We can also offer you these tips in case parking on the street is the only option for you right now.  Here goes!


  • Always check for signs. Don’t forget to do this and remember to stretch your view at least 100 ft. in both directions to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


  • Never park in the same place in permit areas. If you don’t have a permit, your car shouldn’t be parked there after the posted time limit, which is usually about an hour or 2.


  • You can park after the streets are swept. Once the sweeping truck is finished sweeping the curb, you’re allowed to park your car there. You can’t be parked there while the sweeping truck is on its way, because you may block its path.


  • Beware of the tow-away zones. Remember to check the meter face and the signs to learn about tow-away restrictions, because some parking zones can become tow-away zones in the rush hours.


  • Make sure you don’t block anyone’s driveway. Give driveway owners enough space and freedom to come and go as they like. If you park on the “curb cut”, which is the start of the driveway, you may end up being towed or cited for it.


  • Look out for crosswalks. It’s illegal to park on one, whether it’s marked or unmarked. You also should not block curb ramps that are inside or adjacent to crosswalks. Park at least 3 feet away from it.



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