Why Backing Into a Parking Space is a Safer Parking Habit

One in five accidents happen in parking lots/ garages every year and hundreds are killed. Many thousands of accidents occur there and many thousands of people are seriously injured! Studies say that generally people are more distracted while parking and take a bit more risks due to the sense of security that would come with the less vehicular traffic and slower rate of driving. However, this simply disguises the dangers that are all around. There are many different safety habits that can be built to help prevent becoming one of these statistics and to allow for safer driving but for now we will go into reversing into parking spaces instead of driving forward into them.

Going into a space reversing has you thinking about safety from the get go. If you try to make it a habit then every time you reverse into a space you remember the reason behind it. This allows for more careful thought about other driving practices as well, that may even happen unconsciously. Sometimes this even leads to considering safety practices during the day and being more conscious of what you are doing in that regard.

When parking, especially when heading to work, the mind is sharper than after a long, tiring, hectic day. Reversing is obviously a more risky procedure that driving forward. It lessens your field of vision and allows for more unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is better to do this in the morning after a restful night than in the evening when you maybe annoyed, unfocused and ready to dash home. It is certainly safer to drive straight out in that state than reverse.

In the cases of emergency, reversing into your park is best so when needing to flee quickly, your car is already in position. Though it is always advised to remain calm during emergencies many people will panic still. And in a panicked state many more accidents are bound to happen as most people are thinking one word: Run. People won’t be looking around and waiting politely for their fellow coworkers to reverse from their park. It also helps in smaller scale emergencies like needing a jumpstart if your car won’t start. It’s much easier to get to the engine if you’re facing forward.

Overall I hope you can now see the benefits of reversing into a park rather than pulling straight into it. It will keep you much safer and less likely to part of any parking lot accidents. Spread the word with family, friends and coworkers too! For the more people practicing safer driving and parking, the safer such environments would be.


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