Why Parking Permits Are GREAT!

If your organization gets parking permits, you must be one of those happy workers who are always smiling! They have so many benefits. They’re really great for businesses and schools and they are versatile enough to cater for various scenarios. Let’s jump straight into some of the benefits.


  • Parking is really easy – Nobody likes the hustle and bustle and struggle of having to find adequate parking. Business-operated lots want to make sure that parking is done efficiently; therefore everyone is guaranteed an open spot to park, decreasing their level of frustration.


  • There is ease of identification – Car owners can be more easily informed if their car experiences any damages during the day, since their vehicle can be much more easily identified.


  • They are safe and unobtrusive – The parking permits are not in the sight on the driver. They don’t obstruct the view, because most of them are placed on the front of the rearview mirror, on the corner of the windshield or even on the rearview mirror when the car is parked.


  • They are a source of revenue – Of course the parking permit isn’t a free service, but a lot of the parking permit revenue is used to pay for security and to maintain the parking lot.


  • There is security – You can be assured that there is security in the lot for your car and you can also be assured that if you aren’t back in time for your vehicle or if your vehicle stays for an extended period, you will be contacted to ensure that all is well with you.


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