Would you live above your car?

In a large number of the world’s huge urban communities, parking and housing are sought after and short supply. ZEDfactory proposes to lighten that with their most recent wander: ZEDPods. These cases are little housing units that sit over two parking spots. The parking spots are still usable and the dead space above is transformed into a house/flat.


The ZEDpods are amassed in a couple days and make the open door for parking office proprietors to offer reasonable housing in focal ranges of the city. Albeit two parking spots may feel like a little space to live, the units are intended to be extensive and there is a choice to include outside living regions. The cases are additionally outfitted with sunlight based boards chopping down power costs for the house or potentially an ev-charging station.


Initially, ZEDpods are an extremely sensible thought for the deficiency of reasonable housing in extensive urban communities. ZEDpods could give reasonable housing to understudies and metropolitan key specialists. The ZEDfactory site states “If nearby specialists made the air rights over their own particular board claimed auto parks – each home can be introduced and kept up by the ZEDpod organization at zero cost to the neighborhood expert, and leased to gathering selected key laborers at around £650,00/month comprehensive of vitality bills and support giving a long rent is concurred. Units can be migrated effortlessly if auto stop proprietors wish – giving another site is found and development expenses are met.” So far, just a single ZEDPod is being used in Watford, England.


Will this be the following pattern in city parking?


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